Wednesday, July 8, 2015

pre-story "alive"

well.... hi everyone, i'm the writter of this blog have to say sorry
it's been a long time until the last time i open my gmail account so ...
ok ok, i think enough talking
i want to make some story with this sentences :

i'm happy, i'm so happy. 
I always wondered, i was born to die, 
so what was my reason for existing in the world? 
without creating anything, or giving anything to anyone.
watsting so much machinery and medichine, 
causing people around me trouble. 
suffering, worrying..
and if i was going to disappear in the end, 
i would be better to die right now.
I though that so many times 
"why am i alive?" 
i wondered for so long, 
but i finaly feel like i've found the answer
even if there's no answer
it's okay for me to be alive... 
because my last moments are such fulfilment. 
i can end my journey surrounded by so many people, 
in the arms of the person i love

i don't have the story yet, i think my head have an error
i don't have any idea yet ...
so the story will be "coming soon"

sorry ....